Do you know the animation movies called "Blood: The Last Vampire 2000" (2001)? If you don't know, you should check them in youtube.! ( i found it in youtube! horrey! although you can watch in a special occasions in animax.)

when i saw this animation movies for the first time (back then i was in highschool), omgosh! it's totally cool!! the plot and the style of drawing are not so like typical of  japanese cartoon, but it's like a half realist and half comical. it's begin in silently serious and finished with silently serious again. 
ooh! heart this movie!
a few years later, I.G production remakes this story but with a different style and much more like typical japanese animation series, "Blood +"(2005). but it didn't interested for me and instantly, i got bored..  :(

Now, they' re back again with the REAL one. They hire such a great staffs (The Screenplay of "Hero"; The Producer form "crouching Tiger hidden Dragon"; the scenario from I.G. Production, the PH of the animation, and another great animation such as the magnificent "The Ghost In The Shell","Wolf's Rain", "Library War~Toshokan Sensou~" & many more; The The International class Actresses&Actors from multi countries such as Japan, Korea, and USA..!) 
Although The cast member and everything from this new version is well-prepared and great, i Know, i will chose the original one (the manga and the animation movies) -than this movie. 
But, i think the concept still great and i hope i can see this movie soon as possible...!

:D :D :D

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