Hi, there.. this blog will be used for my expressions about my current daily life, it's maybe from the local or international's newspaper's  issues, or even from the results of my Imagination world. :)

Sorry to say, but maybe, in the future, i will be use Indonesian, or Japanese. A half is proud that i can use more than a one languages, but another half is i don't think my language's skill is a good.. :'( 
it's because i'm too long trap in my "world"!! Oh no..

This is the first blog to me that i can arrange the design and everything. untill now, i'm still confuse to using this blog's design's options. 

So, Let's start this blog..! Good Night.. :)

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    Art Appreciator and probably a Dreamer, who studied Psychology in some Catholic University in Jakarta. Had been studied Piano for 8 years in some School of Music, and Loves so much about Fine Arts & Their Histories behind. 

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