It's Already 8 o'clock and i'm still doing nothing but leisuring!!!

yep,yep, today is sunday and sunday is the last day to leisuring because tomorrow (monday) is starting a weekdays..
i mean, i can't feel it easy in friday,saturday, or sunday because they're a weekends,
.. WHY it has a "skripsi"???!!! Oohh...!!
........that's what i mean...( i - i )

the deadline is keepin' closer..every day,every hour,every minuite,every second,every heart's beat, and everything that even can't calculate!

I will confess, today i'm soo freakin' addict in a 'paper doll' like fashion web called Looklet, and every since i joined them, I Can't stop 'mix-match'-ing clothes,bags,..etc.

ooh, what a leisure... it's enjoying but also frustrating.. Haha..

5/25/2009 02:36:09 pm

belanja bareng yuk El...hahhaha...i know that selera fashion lu cangcing tuch...

5/27/2009 03:29:25 pm

eh lupa deh gue pengen ngasih link ini ke lo dari kemaren2...
coba deh buka

ini lebih ke tentang desain sih, macem2 ada grafis, produk, film, gambar, rupa...tapi kreatifitasnya itu loh luar biasa...

3/4/2011 11:16:28 am

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