When the shining stars never come again to this world,
When there is no good and only pain and bitterness's left,
When the sky is sorrow with the people from the darkness,

There is one brightly shine from the core of the earth,
came up from the womb of the mother nature,
rising like a sunshine in the day and the world start to celebrate.

a celebration of the awakening, the new start, the enlightment.

the newborn is open his eyes, and look deeply to the sorrowful sky.
the sky is never speak, but they're move,--movement is their language.
the sky suddenly move fast and the winds help them to clear the sky. 
the grey turn to blue, and the blue turn to red. 
it's a emotions. they are a emotions.

what the time made them to be, is to be a symbol. 
The symbol of the unspeakable mind. the language from the past that almost dissapear.

once again he is trying to rotate the world. the world that lost her own control and cracked. the world that forgot how to express her own beliefs. 

and the sky is just see that will be happen, 
just like a 'de ja vu'
What will be happen is what is in from the past..

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