'Anne,The Red Hair' (2009)

in the sunny morning, i see the birds flying freely and singing cheerfully.

i looked up and it's so amazing, the color of the blue sky and the cotton white clouds was soo matched together with their appearance.

sometimes they are flying for finding their friends, catched up their friends, or just waiting on the branches.

most of them is a pigeons or sparrows, and i named them "the urban birds".because they're easy to see in the urban city. :)

anyway, while i (someow) mezmerized about their existance, i recognizing something.
i see another birds beside "the urban birds",they aren't pigeon or sparrow, and they has a feather with a metalic colors. i can only see just 3 of them, and 2 of them is same colors.

let me explain to you about them. 
first, the 2 birds with the same colors. They're looking cheer and energic with the metalic orange in their chest and wings. they're always together.
the second is, just a single green bird. this bird just only stayed on the branches, trying to looking his/her "match" but doesn't moving from his/her position.

this scene is interesting to me, because in the human's world, this thing is something that we handle.

you know, 
to living in this urban society, we put the individual needs first. when you come to the new society, you'll be adapt to the loneliness, because nobody will be helping you. they're too busy for they stuff, and you must accept it. It's all about 'individual' and 'Self-Fulfilling Prophecy'. 

back to the topic, these 3 birds may representative the 'individu' who struggled in the society:peer, family, etc.

We maybe like the orange bird who have our "match", 

but also,

We maybe like the green bird who doesn't have our "match" yet and still looking forward to it.


actually, i want to talk more but now, let's just "pause" and continuing in another day.. ;)

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